A list with cool stuff that I want to do or that I did. A kind of ‘bucket list’ but then waaay cooler ; ) Just to keep me on the right track of awesomeness. Some will happen sooner than others, but I think it’s always nice dream big(ger)!

Go scuba diving (Cambodia Koh Rong Sanloem, November 2017)
Visit Chernobyl (July 2010)
Go parachute jumping
Go to a warzone to photograph
Pet a dinosaur
Drive a race-car on a circuit
Go time traveling (June 2015)
Be a cowboy for a day
Paragliding (October 2015)
Bungee jumping
Base jumping
Fly a plane / Be a pilot
Going to space
Take part in a Rally (aka Dakar Rally)
Climb & stand on an active volcano (where the smoke is coming out)
Mountaineering to a top full of snow
Do the 7 summits  (the Explorers Grand Slam)
– Everest (Nepal) 8.848 m
– Aconcagua (Argentina) 6.962 m
– Denali (Alaska) 6.190 m
– Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) 5.895 m
– Mont Blanc (France) 4.810 m
– Elbrus (Russia) 5.642 m
– Kosciuszko (Australia) 2.228 m (November 2017)
– Vinson (Antarctica) 4.892 m

Find the Space shuttle in Kazakstan (this place)
Go hitchhiking
Take an hitchhiker with you (March 2015)
Eat a cricket
Eat Aouth Korean dish: San-nakji (alive octopus) (October 2012)

Chernobyl (2010)
A Photo I took in Pripyat near the Chernobyl Powerplant. (2010)

Visit every continent (before I turn 30)
Africa (July 1998)
Asia (June 2002)
– Antarctica
Europe (Born here)
North America (June 2015)
Oceania (November 2014)
South America (June 2015)

Visit all 195 countries in the world (currently at: 35)
Visit North Korea (October 2012)
Take a dive in the water of Antarctica
Bike to China with bicycle
Travel around the world on my own (May – Dec 2015)
Drive from Amsterdam to Bangkok
Visit the Wave (US, Arizona)
Explore Buzludzha in Bulgaria (June 2017)
Roadtrip the route 66
Get a seat in first class for an “International” flight
Visit the Russian Army Parade
Crossing the African continent from North to South

Standing in the middle of Sol de Mañana (Uyuni, Bolivia, 2015)
Standing in the middle of Sol de Mañana (Uyuni, Bolivia, 2015)

Creative & work
Make a music track
Make a music video clip
Design own clothing collection
Create/design own socks
Create/design own caps (May 2017)
Create/design own bags
Create album cover for an artist or band
Make a documentary
Present my work for a big audience
Design interface visuals for a movie
Do a casting (commercial, march 2016)
Be in a commercial (NFF commercial, 2009)
Do a casting for a movie or serie
Be in a movie or serie
Win a FWA
Write a book/novel
Get a book/novel published
Create a absurd blog (like kimjongillookingatthings)
Create a drinking game that becomes globaly known

One mini mili second of fame (the ‘bald’ guy at 00:44)

Learn a new language
Teach someone about design & aesthetics
Give a lecture about design
Live in another country
Work in another country (London, february 2013)
Saying something smart, that people will quote
Get open water diving diploma (Cambodia Koh Rong Sanloem, November 2017)
Brew my own whisky
Get invited to a TedTalk
Get invited to talk at a TedTalk
Getting my climbing certificate
Learn how to salsa dance

Inamo Restaurant
Awesome restaurant In London were you order by projected menu on the table. (Inamo Restaurant 134-136 Wardour St, Soho)

General & fun
Buy a house
Buy second a house
Get kids
Buy my own land
Become a millionaire
Run a full marathon
Go to a NBA game (March 2019, 76’s Vs. Kings, Knicks Vs. Lakers)
Visit a EURO or World Cup
Shoot an AK47
One week with out television/Netflix/Youtube (while being home)
One week with out internet
Crashing a party/wedding




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