I arrived late in the night because my flight was super delayed. Had to wait for the L-train. While sitting in the L-train I was kinda of sleeping andgot woken up by a pissing guy in the train. A little later I arrived just in time at the hostel. I was able to checkin just 5 minutes before they would write me off as a no-show. Lucky me 🙂 I had a bed for few nights, sharing a room with someone that could snor while laying on his stomach (I thought that wasn’t even possible)… Bye bye night rest.

The next day I met Susmita, a Chicago local, that loves her city and people. We spend the day with art, city walk, the architecture cruise and the ledge in the willis, a.k.a. John Mclane, tower. Which was kind of a disappointment and not worth the wait or money (see alternative). After this full day of sightseeing I had my last night at the hostel I needed a new place to stay. Susmita wanted to help me out and offered me to stay at her apartment, which was really cool of her even though she was going to be away for work.

She tipt me about a cool rooftop bar that opened just 2 months before, called Cindy’s. It was infront of Millenium Park, at the Chicago Athletic Association building. There was another cool bar on the 2th floor, were you could all kind of old games while drinking. But back to Cindy’s. I took the elevator up, walked in and went to the balcony… and that is where I met Tom.

Tom, the generous, who lives by the rule: Live large or go home. We started talking and he was so “impressed” of my travel budget and just wanted to show me a good time. So he “took care” of me by buying me drinks all night and showing me a good time.

After that it became time to take a long bus trip of 30 hours to continue my adventures in New York. Where I met my bro and family…


Some address details of places

Architecture cruise
90 minutes of architecture talk, quick lesson 101 about different styles and the history of Chicago. Worth every penny. Take the one of the Architecture Foundation, it’s the better one of the cruises.

Willis Tower aka John Mc Clain tower
View is cool, but the ledge was a bit dissapointing. The price of 20 bucks and waiting made it not really worth it. I think it’s better to check out the 96th bar in the Hancock building. Entrance is a buying a drink.
Address Willes Tower: 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606, United States
Address Handcock: John Hancock Center, 875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Chicago Athletic Association
Cindy’s rooftop bar & Old games bar 2th floor
This is a cool completely restored Gothic-style building with all the old elements. Both nice spots for drinks.
Address: 12 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

Sushi: Sunda
Great asian food & sushi, bit more upclass and a bit more expencive… But worth it. 🙂
Address: 110 W Illinois St Chicago, IL 60654 United States

Sushi : RA Sushi
A nice sushi place with some experimental sushi and some basics. Nothing special but good for a nice bite. You Can find them on the corner of State & Elm.
Address: 1139 N State St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Big Star
Really nice and not that expensive taco place
Address: 1531 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60622, United States

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Downtown Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)
The highrises of Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Willis tower (Chicago, USA, 2015)
A street in Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)
A street in Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)


Susmita & me on the Architecture boat (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Downtown Chicago by night (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Street at night (Chicago, USA, 2015)
The Bean by night (Chicago, USA, 2015)
View from Cindy’s rooftop bar (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Tom & me at Cindy’s rooftop bar (Chicago, USA, 2015)
View from Cindy’s rooftop bar (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Selfie man at the Bean (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Lookt at them all dressed up (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Downtown Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Streets of Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Streets of Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Love the old painted sign on the wall. (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Pool day downtown Chicago (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Old water tank used as fire extinguishing back in the day. Didn’t really work in 1872, when the complete city burned down. (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Enjoying the “beach” (Chicago, USA, 2015)
Enjoying the concrete “beach” (Chicago, USA, 2015)



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