As some may know I’m not such a big food-hero as I would like to be. A bit scared for “strange” unknown food. Which will let me quicky choose for the well known “save” options… A.k.a. hello Mac Donald’s. 😛

Besides my poor and pathetic fear there is the general advice to don’t eat street food in these kind a countries. Because you one: you don’t know how the hygiene is, and two: you don’t know how they dealing it with the meat and heat (climate wise). Well you don’t know that from a restaurant either. So either way you are never safe 😉

What you know for sure is that the street chefs know what they are doing because that’s what they grew up with. But there were a Chinese wants to cook western food, the change is bigger that something go’s wrong because the change is bigger that they aren’t familiar how to fix the food properly.

With all that in mind I thought, well maybe good to just try some stuff then. It’s kind a street food 1.0 because I didn’t go all weird with it and left all the stuff like octopus tentacles and scorpion on a stick where it was. That is something for next time 😉 In the end I have to say that I have eaten the nicest things at a street cart. So nice food for less money, that seems the way to go… right! So I can recommend trying it to every one, just start easy and work your way up 🙂

And before I forget… enjoy the market pics 😉

The following footage can be disturbing for some viewers.

Cooking princesses at work (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Best street food I had so far in China (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Delicious dumplings.. Getting hungry by looking at them (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Point, wait and eat. (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
The meet is getting spiced up good! (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
The start of grilling some nice meat sticks (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Spicy meat stick. Can I get some more? (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)


Welcome at the market

Organizing animal hooves (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Hard at work at the market, (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Hard at work at the market 2 (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Meat stalls (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Skinned animals head (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Animals ribcage, with still some meat on it. (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Chopped fishes (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)




Loving the weird!

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