Back home I made an appointment to get some vaccinations. But I didn’t go because I forgot all about it. So I had to make a new one (which would be a month later). There wasn’t enough time to finish certain vaccination sequence because of this little stupidity. Including the one of hepatitis B. So that meant I had to get the second vaccine in China. Well I can tell you, that if you hear: “you should get a vaccination in China” you start think of bad shit right away. How to deal with this? You just walk in or do you need to make an appointment? Do they speak English? It is sterile? Do I get aids? So on, so on.

Besides these thoughts I also thought it to be pretty cool and exciting. But I propound making an appointment. Until I researched it a bit more, and I found out that it was very easy to make a appointment. I found a hospital where they spoke English, one where you could make an appointment through a convenient online system. And some people on the internet were saying that they check if your insurance covers the costs. And if that would be the case you can leave the hospital without paying 🙂 which is pretty convenient.

But making an appointment by email turned out to be not such a success, since they replied 17 hours later, and without a decent answer. So I thought let’s call , that also did not quite work out well, since the phone connection was bad and language + cultures did not quite matched. So I thought, after those previously experienced, that I would make an appointment at the desk in the hospital itself. Going there took me like 1.5 hours by subway. Once there, I had an appointment for the next day within 5 minutes at 9: 30.

When I arrived the next day, I had to fill out and sign 4 papers. After that I was allowed to enter the waiting area. This was in another building. After a short moment of waiting a nurse came to pick me up. She wanted to check my blood pressure and stuff like that. After she was done she brought me back to the waiting room and said that I could take place there. I waited again for a bit before I could enter the doctors office. The doctor was an American who lived and worked in Beijing for 8 years. We talked a bit about the follow-up vaccination for hepatitis B (which you can get after 21 days, about the Great Wall of China and farmhouses along the way. These farmhouses are a kind of Chinese & bed breakfasts. After this little chat I had to take place in the waiting room again.

Not much later I was picked up again by another nurse, who would give me the vaccination. We went a small “private” room, which made me think that I maybe would get ripped off ;), were she showed me the box and the expiry date of the vaccine. Just to show the foreigner that it wouldn’t be Ebola or Aids that would get injected. But when she checked my vaccination booklet she wasn’t sure if I should have the vaccination (I was there after getting the first one 23 days earlier). So she went to consult the doctor, when she came back it was all okay. Inject, pushed shit in me and I was able to go. I still had to pay the bill (because they couldn’t check if my insurance covered it). This little thing had cost me 200 in euros. The little consult/chat with the doctor was already 100 euros, which I had to have… hospital policy they said. No idea why, since I knew what I had to get. In any case, it is now settled, and I still need to figure out whether the insurance is covering it or not.

So it wasn’t that bad. But let me tell you: Don’t forget your vaccination date with the public health service or doctor. Because it will save you a lot of money and “problems” 😉

I went to: Beijing Family United Hospital

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics
2 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015
北京和睦家医院中国北京朝阳区将台路2号 邮编:100015


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