“Am I really going to travel around the world with only a, carry-on size, bag that would fit in an overhead compartment?”

Yes! I will, or well I’ll try… : P While the great and awesome journey is getting closer. The question, like always, comes up: What to pack? What do I take with me and what certainly not. Normaly I’ll take, like most people, stuff with me that I don’t use or just use because I have it with me. In other words… I take to much shit with me. So I thought this is not going to happen to me this time…

I’ve focused myself for a total of 2/3 months on this matter. First I’ve started to identify what was needed, which stuff were the “basic” necessities and which were luxury. So make room for the camera and leave the Xbox at home. The second step was to find the right gear to take with me, fabric, size and weight wise. This was almost a journey on it’s own… The underwear part is the hardest. One of the worst things that I bought was a morino wool boxer, were my dick would fall out if I lifted my leg, because it would lose it’s fit completely after a day. A bit disappointed and not functional at all, so I gave it to my dad (he seemed happy with it). Anyway it resulted in a small backpack (35L/11,5kg) that only carry the basic necessities. “Why would you want that?” you would think…

Well it seems a bit radical, and maybe it is. But I think this will give me more mobility to make decisions on the spot. To do what I want to do, which isn’t worrying about my luggage in the hotel/hostel, or walking with a shitload of stuff that I don’t use. It gives the possibility to say yes more often to spontaneous stuff that comes by. Which I like. And thereby the fact that I look less like a tourist is a +point. And lower dependency on having to find a spot to store/lockup my bag is a nice incidental.

And because I’m such guy that keeps track of everything, I’ve created an quick overview of stuff that I will take with me. : )

The entire inventory that I’ll take with me on the trip around the world.

2 Shirts
2 Long sleeve shirt
2 Jackets
1 Trousers
2 Shorts
3 Boxers
3 Pair of socks
1 Pair of shoes
1 Pair of slippers
1 Cap
1 Belt
1 Scarf

1 Camera
1 Gopro
1 Phone
1 Laptop
1 1TB harddisk
1 Monopod
1 Tripod (small)
1 Selfie stick for GoPro
1 Headmount for GoPro
1 Laptop charger
1 General charger + cables

1 Toothbrush
1 Deodorant
1 Razor
2 Small towels
3 Bottles of lenses fluid
24 Contact lenses
1 Nail scissors
1 Tweezer
1 Beard Trimmer

Other stuff
1 Passport
1 International driving license
1 Vaccination booklet
1 Reading book
1 Universal Travel Adapter
1 Travel neck pillow
1 Inflatable pillow
1 Travel sheet
1 Small lock
1 Pen
1 Box of washing powder
1 Little bag



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