August 8th at 5 AM, with some delay, my friend Micha arrived at Aeropuerto El Dorado, Bogota. And I, the good guy that I am 😉 , went to pick him up from the airport. Once at the airport, I saw the man himself standing at the baggage claim.

There is a glass wall between the baggage claim & the outside world. So the people in the real world can see how the other people picking up there bags to enter the real world again. I guess you know how it works. But anyway after seeing almost everyone getting their stuff from the carrousel and walking towards the real world. In the mean while Micha was still standing there empty-handed.

No bag…

Apparently the bag was even more delayed then Micha himself. And didn’t made the transfer in Philly. After sorting out some paperwork with the airport lady, she said that the bag should be there with the next flight and they would contact him if it would arrive. After all this he could enter the real world without his bag. And we went to the hotel to get a bit shuteye.

The whole Saturday no message. Sunday, no message … On Monday, two days without bag, we thought let’s call the number that we got from the lady at the airport. numbers, clicking, telephone ringing… is what you would think, but nope not really. “This number you are calling does not exist anymore.” What the fuck? Owkee let’s just go to the airport …

From this point we start the video 🙂



Loving the weird!

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  • WTF man! 3 dagen wachten op een backpack!? Ook nog bij United Airlines? Ongekend!! Deze gozer moest gewoon cash in zijn handen krijgen voor zijn onkosten! Lekker kopen en bonnetjes bij United inleveren!

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