Biggest ghost city of the world (kinda): Ordos.

This is one of the things that I was really looking forward to. A city build for a Million people where only 100.000 people live in. All high rise buildings that are empty, buildings that were never finished. To give you a little background information:

Ordos was, before they found one of the largest deposits of coal in China, a poor place, with a basic wool and textiles industry. That was around 12 years ago. So when they started mining, they got more wealthy. Which made the city from being one of the poorest areas of China to one of the wealthiest, in less than 10 years.

This resulted in building a “new” metropolis in the desert. They started building, and promote the city. In the end “nobody” came (kinda). I think that Ordos will fill up eventually because of work, over crowded cities and because there are so much Chinese people. Just takes time.

But back to my story. I thought it would be kind of a weird place and was curious how you would feel in a place like this. I can tell you it felt pretty weird. I was there just for one and a half day (which was just a little bit to short). The first day I was in Dongsheng, this would be the busier part of Ordos. This part did had a kind of “city center” but most of it was pretty deserted. Especially where my hotel was located. It was emptiness and emptiness all around.

The second day I went to Kang Bashi (this is the part where you can find most pictures of on the web), here is the city center was even kind of abandoned. They had a super nice modern museum (where 5 people walked around in total). You can see the pictures and the video below.

Side note: listen to the music in the hotel lobby (X-Files), this came up several times a day along. Made it extra spooky Haha… Tip: If you like abandoned buildings and places it’s worth it to check out. But you should go at leased 2 nights 😉


How to get there & get around
You can get a night train (K573) from Beijing North to Dongsheng, which takes about 13 hours and 47 minutes. And the costs for a hard sleeper are around 220 Yuan (31.56 Euro).  To get from Dongsheng (city centre) to the Kang Bashi new area (where the museum is), you can take the bus (k-21) for 5 Yuan (0.72 Euro) and takes about 45 minutes. You can get the Bus at: 火车站 For the latest timetables check:

Place to stay
When I went there, I was able to find only 2 hotels (in whole Ordos) on I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express (** hotel, but it felt more then just a 2 star hotel). It’s a bit on the border of Dongsheng, Which give a “better” experience of a deserted city, because there are less people there. A taxi to the centre of Dongsheng costs around 15 Yuan (2.15 Euro) Tip: If you like abandoned buildings and places it’s worth it to check out. But you should go at leased 2 nights 😉


Railway station (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Deserted street (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Deserted streets (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Deserted street (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Look like this guy is thinking it all over. (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Bikes in front of a garage that’s not in use (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Football field (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
All around happiness (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Someones home (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Behind this door (wall) living people (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)
Working man in front of uncompleted buildings (Dongsheng, Ordos 2015)


Bus stop in Ordos, they really horses or stuff that’s related to horses (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
Deserted streets of Kang Bashi, Ordos (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
Museum Ordos (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
An almost deserted street (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
Basketball court (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
Inside museum (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
This was the museum restaurant counter (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
The “famous” statue of the horses (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
Top level of a mall (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
Book shop in a mall (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
The road to the airport, from highway to dirt road. (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)
This is what plane tickets should look like 🙂 (Kang Bashi, Ordos 2015)



Loving the weird!

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  • heel heel heel bijzonder, de leegte, en de stilte, zo’n stad ïn verwachting”, veel plezier en ervaringen en goede reis !!!

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