After being way too long in Vegas I found some dudes, Lazarus (19y, seen in the Vegas vlog) and Chris (24y), that wanted to make a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

So on Monday we rented a car for two days to drive from Vegas to Grand Canyon and another cool place called the Wave. The drive to the Canyon should take around 4 hours (270 miles) with a little stop at the Hoover dam (that’s the dam where they do research on Megatron of the Decepticons),

So first stop Hoover Dam! The once known as Boulder Dam. It’s a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada. They started construction in 1931 and completed the 221 meters high dam in 5 years (1936). Thanks wiki 😉

Okay continuing with the story… The dam was pretty cool to see, but appeared a bit smaller then expected. But well every thing looks bigger on screen, doesn’t it? We hung around the dam for around 30 minutes and continued our way further into Arizona. 11pm we arrived at the Canyon all pumped up to see it and it’s sunrise. But first we needed to get some shuteye while sitting/laying in the car. This is not allowed in the national park it self, but easily to do just outside the park.

At 4.30 am we drove back to the Canyon to find a nice spot to see the sunrise lighting up the whole Canyon. Seeing the sun come up, while sitting on a rock doing nothing was quite peaceful and the scenery was awesome. We walked around the Canyon for a bit, and continued or trip towards the Wave, which is all the way to the border between Arizona & Utah. Just a 3,5-hour (183 miles) drive from the Grand Canyon, but we thought the place was so worth it.

After driving all the way down there, we arrived at a dirt road, with a information board that indicated that we were really close. But then we found out that you need to have a permit to visit this place. That sounds not super bad, pay an amount of money and done. But no, not really… They only give 20 permits a day, 10 by internet (waiting time of around 6 months) and 10 by lottery, which variants between 50 and 150 people. So there was only one thing we had to do, driving to our motel in Flagstaff. While driving back we crossed another dam (the Glen Canyon Dam), which looked more impressive then the Hoover Dam if you ask me. After checking it we headed to Flagstaff.

At some point Chris “Zoned out” and lost control of the wheel. We went into the trench of the road and then swung onto the road again, all the way to the other side of the road. There was an oncoming car heading towards us that we just missed, otherwise we would have went frontal into it with 65 miles an hour. Luckily we didn’t hit anything and were just a bit shaken up. 🙂 Two days later, after driving 880 miles, we arrived save and sound in Vegas.


Our rented friend. (Las Vegas, USA, 2015)
Welcome to the Grand Canyon State. (Arizona, USA, 2015)
The one and only Hoover Dam. (Arizona, USA, 2015)
All the water in front of the Hoover Dam. (Arizona, USA, 2015)
First sight of sunrise at the Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA, 2015)
First sight of sunrise at the Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA, 2015)
And boom there is the Sun lighting up the first part of the Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA, 2015)
Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA, 2015)
Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA, 2015)
Buy buffalo Jerky… (Arizona, USA, 2015)
LTR:: Me, Lazarus & Chris on the road. (Arizona, USA, 2015)
Scenery, Like! (Arizona, USA, 2015)
Scenery, Like! Look at those super nice flip flops that I have… (Fail) (Arizona, USA, 2015)
Glen Canyon Dam (Arizona, USA, 2015)
Scenery, wind thing somewhere in Arizona. (Arizona, USA, 2015)




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