This post was made a while ago (after a week of spanish lessions in Bogotá). But because the new video update takes a bit longer then I want, I will just post this in the mean while… New video is coming though 😉

How I almost learn Spanish 

Oooo really, your going traveling through South America? You speak spanish? Well no not really. But would be really cool to be able to indeed. But languages and I are not best friends. Me and languages are more a kind of acquaintances. To make it even more clear: If I would be superman then a language is kryptonite (for those who do not understand this reference, this is about). Well I guess you get the point.

Anyway it seemed, besides the fact that I find it difficult enough to talk or write correct Dutch and English, like a nice challenge and good idea to learn Spanish in South America. Not a good idea but a wonderful idea! I could immediately execute the just learned material in the real world. At least that was the theory.

It went a little different. Because my basic knowledge of Spanish was zero a.k.a. que si, que no?. So they gave me a private teacher… All to myself. He spoke only Spanish, what can be super or crap. For me it was the last one. Explaining determiners, syntax and such made it even more difficult. My dyslexia, a special power which allows you to read words and letters in a text that are not there (super fun… sometimes), not really helped and made clear to me once again that I am letter-moron.

Somehow my mind is not able to pronounce a certain combination of letters. To give an example: it took me two days before I could read/pronounce the words aeropuerto and diseñador gráfico. Then there are also some words in Spanish like: de, en, which are also used in Dutch. But then with a completely different meaning. Anyway… For now I will embrace my shortcoming and let the Spanish classes for what they are. And even though I got a really nice certificate, of no value at all, my Spanish is still as bien as before (ok maybe a little bit better) 😉

But some day I will be talking bien Spanish! Some day…



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