It’s well know that Chinese like to copy & making rip-offs of everything, but complete cities? A few years ago it was a trend to rebuild cities and well-known architectural styles, which is kind of “weird”. But some say that it originates from the time that China had dynasties, so it has some kind of historic background (kinda). In the mid 00’s they’ve build areas in different styles such as German, English and French.

Tianducheng is a French town in the suburbs of Hangzhou, in the Zhejiang Province. It was built in 2007 for more then 10,000 people. But the interest of people wanting to live wasn’t really there. So in late 2008, there were living around 1,000 people in this place. And all the places that were set up for retail remained empty. A new “ghost town” in the making…

Now, 8 years later, I traveled to this place to see how it turned out. Is it still there? Is it still deserted? Or did it become the cool lively center of Chinese Frenchness?

See the pictures and video below.

How to get there?
From the Hangzhou East station you can take the subway line 1 (red line) to Linping (takes 30 minutes). From there you can take walk (takes about 2 hours) or take the bus 386 (takes around 45 minutes) that drops you off direct next to the Tianducheng town.

Subway is around 5/8 Yuan and the bus is around 2/5 Yuan.
So in total for return it’s around 20 Yuan (2,90 euro).


Tianducheng: Paris in China (China, 2015)
Closeup of a building in Tianducheng: Paris in China (China, 2015)
Tianducheng street (China, 2015)
Big ass monument. (China, 2015)
Who keeps it all so neat? (Tianducheng, China, 2015)
Close up windows (Tianducheng, China, 2015)
The situation of the buildings (Tianducheng, China, 2015)
The inside (Tianducheng, China, 2015)
Gate in front of the Eiffel tower (Tianducheng, China, 2015)




Loving the weird!

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