The journey would take 9 hours from Chongqing to Zhangjiajie. Which a big part would be taken place in a hard seat coupé (this is the cheapest and “lowest” seating area in the train). I was the only foreigner in the coupé and maybe even in the train. Attention enough, men 35+ sitting backwards on the seat, like a little kid. Brutally staring at that white dude in the train.

One of my sitting companion really stood out. A friendly guy, he was wearing a white shirt, light brown pants and underneath a shoe with small heel. And when he needed something out of his bag, which was stored in the upper rack, he would lift the seating area before placing his feet on the bench. After searching a little he found what he was looking for. A nice bottle of 40% booze. He left the coupé and came back after a little while with only half a bottle left.

So it didn’t take a long time before he started “talking”. Well in the end it was more pointing, some English words and the use of bing translate. But still… We understood each other kinda. Because the guy kept showing text messages in Chinese following with an “okay?” in the end. After 4 times he found out that I didn’t had learned Chinese between the first and the last time he asked 😛

But it didn’t kept him form “talking”, because there his phone came out again. This time it were not Chinese text messages but photos. Photos of his wife, kids, family and a shitload of Asian girls with big tits. From the look on his face he liked those pictures a lot 😛 . After a selfie of the Chinese with the foreigner and a seflie of the foreigner with the coupé full of Chinese people, we arrived at Zhangjiajie.

Homebase of a lot beautiful nature. And no I’m not talking about the sequence of “big titty” Chinese girls, but about real nature with trees and stuff. With the main tourist attraction the Avatar mountains in the National Forest Park and second the Tianmen Mountain. Which was the highlight in my case.

To visit the Tianmen Mountain I went up with a cable car (the longest in the world: 7km) for about 30 minutes before setting foot on the mountain it self. While sitting in the cable car it started to get all cloudy and misty around the car. Which wouldn’t be a good thing, you would think. But in fact it was the contrary. Because it had rained the day before the water was vaporizing and started to become clouds. But this happened on a lower part then the mountain was. So it made you feel literally were above and in the clouds.

See the pictures and video below.

National Forest Park
The entrance to get in is 245 Yuan (35 Eur) and the ticket is valid for 4 days. There are several possibilities for stay in the park overnight. So if you stay or take multiple days walking the park it’s good value for money.

You can get the (mini) bus to National Forest Park from Zhangjiajie centra bus station. It takes about a hour and costs around 20 Yuan (3 eur).

Tianmen Mountain
The entrance to get in and up is 245 Yuan (35 Eur) and this ticket is only valid for 1 day. After 5/6 hours you have seen all ins and outs of the place. The cable car and bus ride down to the city center are included in this price.


My Chinese train friends (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Tianmen Mountain with a nice view on the Cave (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Tianmen Mountain road (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Cablecar between the mountain tops (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
“sexy” selfie all the way up in the clouds (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Glass path on top of the Tianmen Mountain (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Tianmen Mountain and its paths (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Tianmen Mountain and its glass path (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
View from above (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
Tianmen Mountain bridge, looks a bit spooky (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)
The clouds climbing all over the Tianmen Mountain (Zhangjiajie, China 2015)



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