For the around the world trip of 2015 I decided to go with only a small bag that would fit in the overhead compartment. I ended up with 9.8 kg when I left home. It was one of the best decisions that I made of the whole trip. For this next trip it’s going to be the same recipe. Because minimalizing your stuff & gear will give a bigger peace of mind and comfort while traveling. I will give you an breakdown on how I decide on what to pack.

  • I start with identifying what I need.
    What are the “basic” necessities and which were luxury. For example a good towel is part of the basics but that extra t-shirt because of it’s funny print is a luxury. This is sounds pretty  logical for me, but where it gets tricky is an camera. Because there will be a camera on any modern day mobile… so is it a basic or luxury to have a camera? For me it feels like a necessary to have decent camera.
  • Find the right gear
    Then the second step is to find the right gear to take with me, fabric, size and weight wise. This can almost be a journey on it’s own… But I’ve got just one tip: Buy wool. Morino wool to be exact. This is awesome, warm when it’s cold and breathable when it’s hot.
  • Fitting it in the bag
    One of the biggest mistakes that that I’ve made in previous trips is to use a ‘too big’ of a backpack. Because in the end you will fill up all the space that you have. So to travel light the key thing is to pick a small bag and make it fit. If something doesn’t fit, something as to go..

Because I’m such guy that likes to keeps track of everything, I’ve, like last time, created a quick overview of all the stuff that I will take with me on my 4 months of exploring the east part of our world.

My entire inventory that I’ll take with me on a 4 month trip around Asia.


2 Shirts
1 Long sleeve shirt
1 Jacket
1 Trousers
2 Shorts
5 Boxers
3 Pair of socks
1 Pair of shoes
1 Pair of slippers
1 Cap
1 Belt

1 Compact Camera (Sony rx100 III)
1 DSLR Camera (Nikon D5200)
1 Phone (Nexus 5x)
1 Laptop (Macbook Pro 13”)
1 1TB harddisk
1 Tripod (small)
1 Laptop charger
1 Nikon charger
1 General charger + cables
1 Toothbrush
1 Deodorant
1 Razor
1 Micro travel towel (75×150 cm)
1 Small micro towel
2 Bottles of lenses fluid 100ml
12 Contact lenses
1 Nail scissors
1 Beard Trimmer

Other stuff
1 Passport
1 International driving license
1 Vaccination booklet
1 Universal Travel Adapter
1 Socket splitter
1 Inflatable pillow
1 Travel sheet
1 Small lock
1 Pen
3 Notebooks
1 Little foldable bag


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