I knew already that everything in LA was spread out. But that you would be so fucked with out a car I didn’t expect. There by is the public transportation a bitch… the connections are crap, takes ages and it’s pretty extensive. But that it was all is long distance in LA I found out when I walk from Downtown to Hollywood while using a compass (Yeah I thought it was a good idea). This ‘little’ walk of 8.5 miles (13,67 km) took me only 3,5 hours. It was not that bad, saw some nice city scenery and met this nice local dude named Joe.

To sketch an image: Joe was a Mexican American, wearing a white tank top, a cap half on his head and was carrying several bags plastic bags with him. He sat at the side of the road on curb. Trying to finish off a not so very good looking hotdog. I asked him… “Is it correct if I go straight ahead I end up at Hollywood Boulevard?”. Joe replied, “Yes you can, but you might be better of going few block back and take another street, because you’re walking straight into the hood… This isn’t a really good neighborhood.”. Eventually Joe thought something like: “Well I’ll walk along with this white boy… I need to go that way anyway”.

While we were walking we passed a bridge where a ‘zillion’ homeless people were living. Apparently Joe had some alcohol bottles that he wanted to share with them. After giving away alcohol and 10 minutes of walking I knew his whole life story. To make a small summery, he was a sound design student that drifted into life of being a drug-addicted hustler. After the 10 minutes Joe disappeared in the subway station and I walked on towards the Hollywood star strip.

There it was, the strip. A street with paving stones with gold stars in it. What happens then is that people aka tourists going ecstatic when they see a certain name/star, and snap they take a picture of themselves with this paving stone. Besides this star madness, that I didn’t understand and still don’t, is another great thing! Real “stars”! There is walking a wolverine, four Johnny Depp’s and a few minions. Fun that you look like them kinda… But what I’m wondering then is: “What if they’re going to replace Wolverine for another actor, what are you going to do then?”.

In the middle of this movie, fame and shine “madness” was my hostel. A small funny hostel, right on the Strip, that only existed out of a door with behind that a stairs that let you into in a hallway, and that was the whole hostel. The people in the hostel were not really travelers, but more people that worked and lived in LA. Looking for an apartment or trying to make it in the music business. It created a group of people that were different from each other and at the same time so a like: All looking for more, for a career, status or fame.

A special thanks to Mechiel & Volkan for the compasses 😉


Newspaper anyone? (Long Beach, USA, 2015)
Long Beach Blvd (Long Beach, USA, 2015)
Rob, Rowan and me on the rooftop of Rob’s place (Long Beach, USA, 2015)
(Long Beach, USA, 2015)
I was here before when I played GTA? (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Near downtown LA (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Caravan (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
(Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Artist at work (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
El Portal (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
El Portal close up (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Nice printshop (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Better not walk on these doors then (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
I hope someone still understand these notes (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Skyline LA (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Downtown LA (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)
Downtown LA (Los Angeles, USA, 2015)


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  • Hi! Komt me allemaal superbekend voor (incl. the red cups), het ov probleem had ik je kunnen vertellen 😉 Al een breakfast burrito/fish taco op?
    Ik weet niet of je er nog langer bent, maar anders zeker santa monica uitchecken en malibu!

  • Fucking awesome… Great scenery, Long Beach… Hope to visit this great city soon…
    You’re welcome my man!

    Take care of yourself…

  • Ja van het OV probleem wist ik ook, maar wist niet dat het zo’n groot probleem was 😛 haha… En nee heb geen Burrito/fish taco op. Wel een Callifornia burrito (ipv rijst zitten er french fries in). 😛

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